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Component Control MRO & Logistics Software Solutions Aircraft Parts eMarketplace

Product Presented At
MRO Europe 2018
MRO Americas 2019 is Component Control's comprehensive search engine and fastest growing online marketplace for aviation parts. gives Quantum users access to real-time updates from vendors including parts in stock, MRO capabilities, and part alternatives.  As a Quantum control user your selected inventory and capabilities are updated to the stock market website automatically, in real time. Therefore, supplying customers with the most accurate and dependable data available and instantly providing your company worldwide exposure to buy and sell parts or service and advertise your brand.

Since’s market launch in 2006, its participation has grown to become the world's largest open marketplace for aircraft spares and MRO capabilities used internationally by Airlines, Parts Traders, OEM/PMA, Military/Defense, Commercial and General Aviation. It is free to list your inventory and capabilities, search for part listings, view vendor information, send unlimited RFQs and POs, create Part Alerts, view images, and more.

What sets apart from other inventory listing services in the industry?

  • Free for both buyers and sellers
  • Open community
  • 2,700+ vendors
  • 100 Million+ parts listed
  • 50,000+ active registered users
  • 60+ countries represented
  • Available for download on the app store and Google Play
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