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Nitrogen Generating SystemNitrogen Generating SystemNitrogen Generating System
AeroParts Manufacturing & Repair, Inc.

Nitrogen Generating System

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MRO Europe 2018
MRO Americas 2019

The Nitrogen Generating System (NGS) produces inert gas which is fed into the aircraft's fuel tank to fill the space above the liquid fuel (ullage), making it non-explosive. The Air Separator Module (ASM) is the component that produces nitrogen enriched air by separating oxygen from the aircraft’s bleed air. The ASM membrane is made up of hundreds of thousands of delicate fibers.

High levels of ozone (O3) is harmful to the ASM's membrane fibers. An Ozone Converter is installed up stream to protect the fibers from ozone damage. The ozone converter loses its ability to decompose ozone over time and requires periodic servicing. AeroParts services a large portion of the world’s NGS ozone converters and has performed more than 500 efficiency tests of as-removed NGS ozone converters. NGS systems operated in high ozone concentrations, with low performing ozone converters, present a high risk of ASM fiber damage. Ensuring your NGS Converters are periodically serviced utilizing AeroParts' proprietary process will optimize ozone converter performance and provide the highest level of ozone protection for your NGS System.

Cracked tube sheets are causing majority of OEM produced B737 NGS ASM removals. AeroParts is pleased to announce a replacement solution to the OEM ASM membrane which has improved upon the original OEM membrane's weak points. AeroParts also offers a repair solution to damaged flanges typically found on ASM units after removal.