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Directory: Manufacturing & Distributing


SEKO Aerospace a.s., Louny

SEKO Group companies manufacturers

key components for aircraft jet engines and steam turbines and complete drilling rigs for customers around the world. They also manufacture moulded components, cutting tools and many more products in their field of activity.

All projects are managed by SEKO Group from start to finish, from assisting to full responsibility for the entire manufacturing process. Production is extremely high-tech making SEKO Group one of the most advanced companies in both the Czech Republic and worldwide.

Select Airparts

Select Airparts is a family-owned business with a rich history in aviation that goes back three generations.  Over 20 years ago we began as an independent company providing new surplus and as-removed OEM parts for Beechcraft airplanes.  Through the years we have increased our inventory to include parts for the entire Beechcraft line as well as Hawker jets.

Because we are not a salvage yard, our inventory is protected from environmental harm.  Our warehouse in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia contains over 40,000 square feet of parts inventory that is ready to ship.

Self-Powered Lighting

Mfr. self-luminous aircraft placards & emergency exit signs

SEMS Aerosafe

Sell, rent & service safety equipt., liferafts & lifejacketsSOUTH EASTERN MARINE SERVICES LTD was established in the early 1980’s to provide sales, service and rental of marine and aviation liferafts and safety/ survival equipment. Key personnel, drawing on many years previous experience, quickly established a loyal customer base. As the aviation side of the business became larger the AEROSAFE brand came more in to the public eye.

Senga Engineering, Inc.

Our mission is to be a leader in providing world-class manufacturing solutions, based around our core competencies in precision machining to the Connector, Aerospace and Medical industries. Working collectively with our supply chain partners, we are able to provide complete, cost effective, high quality solutions to fulfill our customers short and long-term manufacturing goals. By embracing total quality management, and developing highly trained employees, we will achieve a strategically planned growth that mutually benefits our customers, employees and company.

Senior Aerospace AMT

AMT is a manufacturer of structural parts for the leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) in the large business and regional jet markets. Our experience and capabilities span multiple segments of an aircraft, including the engine pylon, struts, wing box, wings, wheel well, and the interior. AMT's success is based on utilizing proprietary manufacturing techniques to manufacture high quality complex parts through cost effective production.

Senior Aerospace BWT

Senior Aerospace BWT is recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of lightweight low pressure air distribution ducting systems and has established a position of preferred supplier to the aerospace industry worldwide across all market sectors.

Senior Aerospace Calorstat S.A.S.

Senior Aerospace Calorstat is specialized in the design, manufacturing and qualification of customized systems based on high precision metal bellows since 1928. Our factory is located in Dourdan, close to Paris.

Our metal bellows are formed by:


Edge welded



The main applications are:

Dynamic flexible joints


Volume compensation 

Which ensure optimum performances & high reliability in aerospace, nuclear and many other demanding industries.

Senior Aerospace Ermeto

Mfr. couplings; bent tubes; hoses; fittings; valves & bended tubes; hydraulic & fuel systems

Senior Aerospace Jet Products Corp.

Senior Aerospace Jet Products was originally founded in 1965 to produce specialty flanges for the aerospace ducting business. Since then it has evolved into a unique blend of near net shaped material production to support an ever-growing family of sophisticated machined and assembled parts.

Senior Aerospace Mexico

Mfr. aerospace sheet metal components & sub-assemblies, machined airframe & interiors, industrial components

Senior Aerospace SSP

Senior Aerospace SSP was originally founded in 1945 as ‘Stainless steel products” by a group from the Ryan aeronautical company in San Diego, California. The company was formed with the goal of making stampings for aircraft exhaust manifolds using two drop hammers they had acquired.

Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG

Mfr. microphones, headphones, wired microphone & monitoring systems, conference & Info. Tech. products for assistive listening & aviation headsets; EASA DE 145.0341