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Haysite Reinforced Plastics

Founded in 1954, Haysite Reinforced Plastics, LLC (“Haysite”) formulates and processes thermoset composite materials for high temperature insulation, corrosion resistance and lightweight structural support applications. Haysite sells its products into the power, transportation and industrial sectors, with customers in 30 different countries. Haysite has its headquarters in Erie, PA and also has operations in the United Kingdom.

Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd

Hayward and Green Aviation Ltd are a UK based Stockist and Distributor providing complete component and consumable support for a wide range of commercial and military aircraft. Our 50,000 sqft West Sussex, UK HQ houses our 400,000 lines of inventory to meet our customer's requirements 24/7 with full AOG support for contract customers.We also regularly purchase aircraft for tear-down and have in-house engineering capability to support this business activity.

Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd.

Established in 1969, Hayward and Green was founded with the goal of providing a costeffective, swift and reliable supply of avionics and aircraft instrumentation material and support to airlines and governments worldwide. Today our engineering business operations span over 35 countries and our supply chain support encompasses over 30 platforms. Our product portfolio ranges from nuts, bolts and washers to complete aircraft, major LRUs and both jet and turbine engines.

HBD/Thermoid, Inc.

HBD Thermoid, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial rubber products, including air, automotive, aviation, bulk transfer, chemical, hand-built, marine, water, welding and multipurpose industrial hose, industrial ducting, power transmission belts, conveyor belting, coated rubber fabrics, industrial rubber bands, rubber budding strips and rubber roll coverings. The company has represented excellence since 1883, and continues to deliver customer-focused solutions into all markets and applications.

HBL Batteries

HBL Batteries

HBL is a leading industrial and speciality battery manufacturer. We design, test and manufacture world’s widest ranges of batteries for applications including aircraft engine starting, railroads, utilities, telecoms, datacentres, UPS and switchgear. HBL offers several battery chemistries – lead acid, nickel cadmium, silver-zinc, thermal batteries and primary lithium. In addition we supply ancillary equipment and industrial battery chargers.

HC Pacific

HC Pacific

Since our inception in 1971, HC Pacific has been distributing aerospace products and providing innovative supply chain optimization services across a broad array of military and commercial platforms.

HC Pacific is a one-stop source for specialty raw materials, precision fasteners, electronic hardware, and components/line replacement units for various aerospace applications.

HCL America, Inc.

The HCL journey has been relentless, gratifying and marked with a series of achievements. Our unified efforts have catapulted the company from a garage start-up to a conglomerate whose businesses span across three verticals. HCL is humbled by the long journey they have made so far and at the same time, is confident of raging forward and scaling greater heights.

HDT Tactical Systems, Inc.

HDT Global delivers innovative solutions to military, government, industrial, and commercial market customers around the world.

Head Balloons, Inc.

Getting back to BASICS, back to HAND CRAFTED, back to QUALITY and RUGGEDNESS is what HEAD Balloons, Inc. is all about. The HEAD Balloons' system is a refinement of many years of ballooning experience. Each balloon is individually hand crafted to your design, utilizing the most rugged materials found in the industry today. There is attention to detail in every custom crafted part of the balloon. The entire system has been engineered to provide the maximum enjoyment, with a minimum amount of work. Thus, making the sport of hot air ballooning safer, easier and more fun.

Heads Up Technologies, Inc.

Since our founding in 1985, Heads Up Technologies has enhanced the experience of flight for thousands of customers by providing them with innovative new products that range from voice and data systems, to LED lighting, to cabin management systems and more.

Headset Services Ltd.

Since its inception, Headset Services Limited (HSL) has served the needs of the Airline Industry by providing and servicing Pilot Headsets, Helmets, Radio and other communication devices. Over time we have expanded our operations and now our customers include Airlines, Air Traffic Control, Emergency Services such as Police, Coastguard and Air Ambulance. Other sectors include Industrial, Airport Ground Handling and Broadcast.

HEAMAR Tooling Solutions Specialists

Heamar provides high-quality general tooling, specialist tooling, components and lighting solutions to a range of markets including Aerospace, Defence, Mass Transit, MRO, CEM & Autosport. With over 40 years experience supplying tooling solutions, Heamar can help you make informed decisions on tooling requirements and relevant standards. Heamar strive to build strong interactions with our customers and suppliers to ensure prompt, professional and competitive service.

Heartland Precision Fasteners, Inc.

Heartland Precision Fasteners, Inc.

Heartland Precision Fasteners, Inc. is a world class manufacturer of high grade, high strength, super precision screws and bolts. We specialize in tight tolerance aerospace fasteners. Heartland is able to maintain tolerances of .0002" on most unplated product and .0005" on most plated product. 

Heat & Surface Treatment B.V.

Heat & Surface Treatment B.V.

In today’s market, cars need to be lighter, airplanes more economical and machines more durable, continuously pushing the requirements of individual components and production processes. These are just a few examples of the challenges that our clients, often first-tier suppliers of large manufacturers, face on a daily basis. Our clients need to deliver products or subassemblies that are simply better in order to stay ahead of the competition and at the forefront of the market.

Heatbath Corp.

Heatbath Corp.

We are a leading supplier of heat treating and metal finishing chemical products. Since 1923, Heatbath Corporation has specialized in the development of new and innovative products while maintaining a strong commitment to manufacturing to the highest quality standards and providing unparalleled customer service.

Heath Aviation

Heath Aviation

Get a good deal while buying and selling aircraft supplies with Heath Aviation of Winona, Mississippi. We are an FAA Part 145 certified repair station that specializes in avionics work, and carry the latest technology available for all kinds of aircraft. Our service is fast and free of any hidden charges. We offer our services nationwide, and are open on Saturdays by appointment.

Heavy Structures

Heavy Structures is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc. (BBNA). BBNA is the world's largest manufacturer of pre-engineered buildings. Heavy Structures was formed on the premise that a market existed for the integration of pre-engineered components with conventionally fabricated steel for large and/or complex building projects. Our broad range of services also gives you the advantage of a single supplier for the hangar, shops and office portions of your aviation project.

Hecht Rubber Corp.

Hecht Rubber Corp.

Since 1944 we have provided unparalleled service and support to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. At Hecht Rubber  we stock thousands upon thousands of hard-to-find items in both common and uncommon sizes. If the exact item you need is not in stock, our professional staff can manufacture it to your specifications at our state of the art custom fabrication facility.