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Cotronics Corp.

Mfr. high temp. materials & adhesives

Cotta Transmission Co., LLC

For more than a century, Cotta has been a leader and driving force in transmission gearboxes. Back in 1906, engineer Charles Cotta introduced his breakthrough constant-mesh shifting transmissions, and soon became a key supplier to the automobile and truck industries.

Cottam & Brookes Engineering Co. (1985) Ltd.

South Wales based Business, built around a tight knit team of Highly Skilled Engineers and Associated Staff. 

Producing Precision Parts and Assemblies of Exceptional Quality and Working with the

Most Demanding of Customers in a variety of Metals and Specialist Alloys. 

Our Highly Skilled and Enthusiastic Team Provide us with the Flexibility to work on a Wide range of Projects.

From One off Tooling, to Packages, that can Complete a New or Existing

Engine or Teardown Shop. 

Cotterman Co.

Cotterman Co.

Cotterman Company was established in 1925 as I.D. Cotterman Company, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The core product was rolling wood track ladders. In the mid 1940’s, I.D. Cotterman introduced the rolling steel warehouse ladder, a form of rolling staircase designed to access nearly anything out of reach in industrial or commercial environments. Gradually rolling ladders became the core product line and Cotterman became the brand the industry associated with quality rolling ladders.

Counter-Intelligence Services

Our agency is comprised of licensed and insured private investigators and security personnel with a staff of seasoned veterans in surveillance, espionage, and high-end security procedures. As an experienced staff of former military, federal operative and career professionals, we offer a team approach ensuring highly efficient security consulting, fraud detection, research /analysis and aggressive surveillance tactics.

Cox & Co., Inc.

Cox & Co., Inc.

For more than 70 years, Cox & Company has been one of the worlds most respected and innovative companies when it comes to solving the aerospace industry's most challenging problems relating to ice protection and temperature control systems. From initial design concepts through aircraft integration and certification, our engineers and manufacturing personnel make sure that we provide safe and reliable products at a competitive price.

Cozy Products

Cozy Products® offers energy-efficient, low-watt personal heaters that conserve energy, prevent circuit overloads, and reduce the risk of fire. Founded decades ago and based in Chicago, USA, Cozy Products® strives for a superior level of quality.

Go Green - save energy, save money! 95 watts vs 1,500 watts is a massive difference.

Reduce your risk of fire, eliminate circuit overloads and power outages.

Effective, common-sense approach. Improve comfort, morale and productivity at home and in the office.

Excellent and ongoing customer service.

CP Films Inc.

CP Films Inc.

Eastman is a global specialty chemical company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, additives and functional products, specialty chemicals, and fibers that are found in products people use every day. As a world leader in the diverse markets it serves, Eastman is focused on delivering innovative and technology-based solutions while maintaining its commitment to safety and sustainability.

CPI Aero, Inc.

CPI Aerostructures, Inc. (“CPI Aero”) is engaged in the contract production of structural aircraft parts principally for the U.S. Air Force and other branches of the U.S. armed forces, either as a prime contractor or as a subcontractor for other defense prime contractors.  CPI Aero also acts as a subcontractor to prime aircraft manufacturers in the production of commercial aircraft parts.  CPI Aero has over 35 years of aerospace manufacturing experience.

CR Aviation, Inc.

CR Aviation, Inc.

Aircraft repair services; avionics installation & service; AMT testing; annual, phase, event, pre-purchase, progressive & hot section inspection services provider; FAA repair station #C74R734N

Crabtree Aircraft Co.

Crabtree Aircraft Co.

Crabtree Aircraft Company has a proud history of introducing people from all walks of life to the world of aviation.  If you’re looking for an affordable flight school, Oklahoma City is only minutes away from our office at the Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport.  Whether you’re a beginner seeking a private pilot license or an experienced pilot seeking a new rating, we can meet your needs.

Crafts Technology, Inc.

Crafts Technology manufactures tooling and components designed to stand up under harsh conditions, severe abrasion, and corrosion, by using ultra-hard- materials that include: Tungsten Carbide, Advanced Ceramics, and Polycrystalline Diamond. These materials are used in a wide variety of applications, such as precision knives that cut abrasive materials, countersinking tools that cut fastener holes in aircraft structures, spray nozzles and needles for equipment that dispenses adhesives and other abrasive fluids, and core pins for injection molding of medical devices.