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Directory: Manufacturing & Distributing


Swift Textile Metalizing LLC

Mfr. electrically conductive, flexible metal coated fabrics & filaments for electromagnetic interference shielding; reflection, static control gaskets; tape; cable wrap; curtains; door; tents

SwissTeknik, LLC

SwissTeknik, LLC

A direct-to-airline supplier of recertified material, SwissTeknik creates exclusive, long-term relationships with a select group of airlines and vendors. We are a three-time Inc.500/5000 company.

With a scientific approach to sourcing and sales, we provide a combination of extraordinary communication, market beating prices, and support after the sale.

SwisTurbine, Inc.

SwisTurbine, Inc.

SwisTurbine, Inc. is a non-Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or OEM-related producer of factory new, FAA-PMA aircraft replacement parts. We have the distinctive experience and means to work with customers to identify value creation opportunities through PMA solutions. This capability is supported by an equally exceptional ability to work with our engineers and the FAA to rapidly translate opportunities into FAA-PMA approved components.

SyberJet Aircraft

SyberJet Aircraft is a subsidiary of MSC Aerospace company, a U.S. based manufacturer of the world’s fastest and longest range light business jet—the SJ30. The SJ30 has a top speed of Mach 0.83 (486 kts / 560 mph), a 2,500 nautical mile range, and maintains sea level cabin pressure up to 41,000 feet (maximum flight ceiling of 49,000 feet). The SJ30 is designed with a unique 30 degree swept wing for high speed and fuel efficient cruising that features leading edge slats and flaps that are optimized for low speed approaches and gentle landings.

Syderal SA

Syderal is an electronic equipment supplier specialising in the design, development, manufacturing and validation of hardware and software electronic solutions.

Our high quality products are used in wide ranging industries including on-board the satellite payload and platform, medical devices, defense and security applications, tests instrumentation and any other field our customers may require.

Sydor Optics Inc.

At Sydor Optics, the past and the present culminate to create the future. Founded in 1964 by Stefan Sydor, a pioneer in the optic field, Sydor Optics has built its reputation on a sound foundation of traditional craftsmanship coupled with gutsy innovation and a strong focus on customer service. Stefan Sydor was known for his passion for optics and innovative solutions. From his work on the Mt. Palomar Observatory’s 200-inch telescope mirror, to the world-wide installation of the Baker-Nunn Satellite Tracking Network, Sydor was at the forefront of the optical experts of his generation.

Symmetry Medical, Inc.

Symmetry Medical, Inc.

Founded in 1963, Tecomet is the market leading provider of manufacturing solutions for complex, high-precision products and services for the Medical Device and Aerospace & Defense markets. Tecomet operates sixteen (16) global manufacturing facilities in five countries around the world and employs over 2500 people.

Syntonic Microwave

We started life in 1990 as Storke Industries, a company producing phase locked oscillators and satellite converters. In 1991 we were selected by National Public Radio to provide custom satellite downconverters for its nation-wide network comprised of 625 member stations. This was the beginning of a decades-long relationship, in which we eventually provided satellite uplinks, downlinks and transmission equipment to NPR and its partners in satellite services.

Sypris Electronics, LLC

Sypris Electronics is a trusted provider of electronic solutions, addressing our customers’ needs for building complex, mission-critical electronic and electro-mechanical devices and integrated systems.  Backed by 50 years of experience, Sypris manufacturing services address the complete breadth of requirements our partners have come to expect. Our engineering and manufacturing services span the front-end of NPI and product development, to complete, finished electronic products ready to get the job done safely and securely for our customers’ users.


Sypris Solutions, Inc.

Sypris Solutions is a diversified provider of technology-based outsourced services and specialty products. The Company performs a wide range of manufacturing and technical services, typically under multi-year, sole-source contracts with major corporations and government agencies in the markets for aerospace and defense electronics and truck components. We employ approximately 1,200 people and assemble our products and provide our services at manufacturing locations in the United States and Mexico. We are headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.