Paint Stripping Products



Cee-Bee® Aviation Products makes engineered paint strippers that effectively remove commercial or military coatings without harming surface metals. Whether polyurethane paint, epoxy paint, zinc chromate primer, metal oxides, scale or carbon deposits, there is a Cee-Bee® stripper tailored to your application.


Strippers come in two versions: E-series strippers are environmentally friendly and available in acid, alkaline, or neutral. Where allowed, methylene chloride strippers provide fast paint stripping of all coatings. Strippers are available for exterior paint removal in spray-on versions or tank-type versions for individual parts, as well as an environmentally friendly paint stripper for use on selectively strippable coating systems. Paint Stripping Products include:

  • Peroxide Paint Strippers – Cee-Bee® E-3000
  • Acid Activated Paint Strippers - Cee-Bee® E-1004J
  • Alkaline Activated Paint Strippers – Cee-Bee® R-256

For more information on our Paint Stripping Products and Approvals please visit us at or view our Paint Stripping Products manual in the downloads section.