Cabin & Lavatory Products



Cee-Bee® Cabin & Lavatory Products clean, control odor, and prevent scale buildup for long periods. Cee-Bee Honey Bee™ deodorants, cleaners, and fresheners are easy to use, functional, environmentally friendly, and are safe for aircraft surfaces. Cee-Bee® Lavatory Products meet manufacturers’ approvals and specifications and will not harm aircraft toilet system materials. They remove and prevent tar and scale buildup. Cabin & Lavatory Products include:

  • Deodorants – Honey Bee™ Deodorant 24
  • General Cleaners - Honey Bee™ Cleaner 90
  • Lavatory Cleaner - Honey Bee™ 60
  • Freshener - Cee-Bee® Cabin Fresh

For more information on our Cabin & Lavatory Products and Approvals please visit us at or view our Cabin & Lavatory Products manual in the downloads section.