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Mid-State Aerospace Special Capabilities

Special Capabilities

Mid-State Aerospace Hardware

Aerospace Hardware

USA Borescopes VIS 700 Plus HD Inspection Camera

VIS 700 Plus HD Inspection Camera

USA Borescopes USAVS4-2.8-1000

USAVS 2.8mm Diameter Articulating Videoscope

USA Borescopes USA1000

USA1000 Portable Joystick Articulating Videoscope With Side View Tip

Carolina GSE Malabar Axle Jacks

Malabar Axle Jacks

Jurblami ® - Innovative application nozzles for sealing operations

Material Handling Racks-No Metal on Metal Contact

Aerospace Material Handling Equipment Specialists


The Deployable Line Station allows for quick remote line-station setup.

Deployable Line Station

S7 Technics operates five specialized KitCar mobile MRO warehouses.


Engine/APU Stands

Solve No Fault Found with IFDIS 2.0 & Voyager

Connector Repair Tooling

Kell-Strom Mastic removal system

The ViewTech VJ-3 articulating video borescope

PROTO Industrial Tools

Makro Aero MLG Trolley

Main Landing Gear Trolley for Widebody Aircraft

Introducing the Lithium Series II