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Test Equipment

USA Borescopes VIS 700 Plus HD Inspection Camera

VIS 700 Plus HD Inspection Camera

USA Borescopes USAVS4-2.8-1000

USAVS 2.8mm Diameter Articulating Videoscope

USA Borescopes USA1000

USA1000 Portable Joystick Articulating Videoscope With Side View Tip

Carolina GSE Malabar Axle Jacks

Malabar Axle Jacks

All New USA600 Series Portable Videoscope

PMA Parts

PMA Parts

Trusted in Testing

Avionics Specialist, Inc.

Avionics Repairs and Overhauls

Solve No Fault Found with IFDIS 2.0 & Voyager

Kell-Strom Mastic removal system

Portable, Affordable, Visual Inspection

NDE Experts. Tough challenges. Critical solutions.

The ViewTech VJ-3 articulating video borescope

#1 Calibration Provider to the Aerospace Industry

High Speed Testing

Intelligent Balancing Solutions for Aerospace

Supplied Worldwide, Support Locally

OEM approved damage-mapping: point, click & done!

The Ti450 Pro Infrared Camera from industrial testing specialist Fluke can be used to find problems such as mechanical friction, moisture intrusion, carbon-fiber delamination and electrical and airflow issues.

Ti450 PRO Infrared Camera

Onsight Cube may be mounted to a hardhat.

Onsight Cube