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Aerospace Materials

Find all your cleaning solutions, speciality chemicals, fuel/lubricant products and services to make or keep your aircraft running.


Jurblami ® - Innovative application nozzles for sealing operations

RADCOLUBE® FR257 is a military-qualified synthetic, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid consisting of synthetic hydrocarbon base oils and additives. Designed for safe use in low temperature aircraft and missile hydraulic systems. MIL-PRF-87257 C Qualified.


Radcolube® RHP5606 is a petroleum-based, non-synthetic hydraulic fluid. MIL-PRF-5606J  Qualified.


RADCOLUBE® RHP6083 is a military-qualified, rust-inhibited petroleum hydraulic fluid consisting of synthetic hydrocarbon base oils and additives. MIL-PRF-6083G Qualified.


When Failure Is Not an Option

ALEXIT PureGuard interior paint promotes hygiene on aircraft cabin surfaces.

ALEXIT PureGuard

Aircraft Ducting Repair

Repair / Overhaul, Ducts, Manifolds, Mufflers & More

Duct, APU muffler, and engine exhaust repairs

Renowned mfgr. of advanced composite materials since 1945

Resistance Tack Welding Equipment for Honeycomb

R.S. Hughes Company - Solutions At Work

Repair Solutions That Keep You Flying.

Pem-Air Turbine Engine Services (PATES)

NUMATX - the new way of solid rivet installation!

In-House Heat Treating Made Simple!

Protect the Product

To be our customers’ #1 solution

Pick Your New Cabin Mood

We keep your fleet supply chain flying high...